UCF Knights Gasparilla Bowl Sweatshirt

UCF Knights Gasparilla Bowl Sweatshirt

Those military and UCF Knights Gasparilla Bowl Sweatshirt economic strengths are dominantly pointless, expensive wars and the rule of a rich elite. The US has the highest % of people in prison, less home ownership than Russia, higher infant mortality than much of the globe (higher than Cuba?), and life expectancy that dropped in two of the past three years. Then there’s crushing student debts, homelessness, opiate addiction and increased suicides. Yes, Central Americans still want to come here because places such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are even worse. It’s relative. There was a time when TV commercials told you the full price of a car – not a lease payment or a seven/eight loan ( huh? what are those?). College education did not burden young people into a form of bonded servitude. A low wage job still could pay for a cheap apartment in most US counties. These changes creep up on Americans because they are so easily distracted and deceived. Did anyone go to prison for the greatest document fraud, possibly in global history? ( Banks, 2008 – they weren’t even prosecuted under Obama). How about the war with Iraq and the WMD hoax? ( Washington Post quote: “irrefutable”). Do you think any national debate will emerge about losing the war in Afghanistan after 20+ years? Instead, we have fake narratives to keep the public upset. With Democrats it’s “Russia, Russia, Russia”. With Republicans, it’s “stolen elections”. Meanwhile, Congress is ‘sawing off the branch we sit on’ by uncontrolled money ‘printing’ and pushing nations away from using the dollar – with sanctions.

UCF Knights Gasparilla Bowl Sweatshirt(UCF Knights Gasparilla Bowl Sweatshirt)

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