Thank You John Madden T shirt

Thank You John Madden T shirt

But now to my biggest issue with the film- yes there is a Thank You John Madden T shirt: is that it felt too cartoony and video game like! Here is what I mean; the Sovereign race, lead by Ayesha, are attacking Quill and the Guardians they ue pods. However the pods have no one in them and instead the pods are virtually controlled by Sovereings back on their homeworld. That just felt too simulation for me. I also disliked Ego- when he reveals to Peter he was the one who gave his mother a tumor- gets shot, and his skin gets blastered off, he reforms but both the way it looks and the way Russell speaks is so “end level, big boss of the game.” Also when Mantis lost control of the planet in the final battle- it felt as though the movie would pause and then you would be able to control how it went using the remote- but then you realise its a movie. Anyway, a lot of that stuff just bugged me.

Thank You John Madden T shirt(Thank You John Madden T shirt)

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