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Something that I find quite adorable as well is the Vintage 1978 With American Flag 44 Birthday Gift Men Women T Shirt that we know that La Fayette was a person who blushed easily and frequently. Another favourite aspect of mine was La Fayette’s seasickness. Now, at first this statement sounds a bit harsh on my part but we can thank his seasickness for this wonderful quote from a letter to his wife during his first ocean crossing. He wrote: “I believe we sadden each other, the sea and I” – I really do love this quote. Furthermore, La Fayette believed that hugging the main mast of the ship would cure his seasickness. (I live by the sea and can tell you, it will not :-)) La Fayette had a great sense of humour and that can be observed in this story. After he was short during the Battle of Brandywine he was brought to a makeshift hospital. The lamentable army doctors tried to make do with what they had at hand in order to provide a best medical service. So, La Fayette was placed on what was once a dining room table. A little while later some other continental generals arrived and La Fayette revealed their conversation in an interview he gave in 1825: “I [La Fayette] saluted them by begging that they would not eat me up, as they appeared to be very hungry, and I was the only dish upon the table in the house.” – that is exactly my sense of humour.

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