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source_Épée Technolame T shirt respirant

In Doaba, (Jalandhar, nawashahr etc) there is combination of Dalit, Hindu voters , Sikh voters and some minorities too. Dalit has major vote share in the source_Épée Technolame T shirt respirant. all the area is mostly dominated by congress as dalit is more inclined to cong than Akalis. In doaba, there are around 22 seats which usually divide between (BJP-Akali) and Congress. Aap has still now no chance to win single seat in the area. BJP usually place their candidate in 2 seats with the help of Akali but this time, in the Doaba area most of the BJP candidates are worried about their vote share. Akalis collaborating with BSP is master stroke by Badal to win the region. Doaba is the only region where BSP has their string hold specially in Jalandhar and Adampur due to dalit share.

source_Épée Technolame T shirt respirant(source_Épée Technolame T shirt respirant)

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