Rumble in the Jungle Cincinnati shirt

Rumble in the Jungle Cincinnati shirt

I grew up with an Eskie, he was a year older than I was and died a week after he turned 16. He was fiercely territorial and incredibly defensive of my family, and especially of my younger brother and I, despite weighing just over thirty pounds at his prime. The American Eskimo Dog has nothing to do with the Alaskan Natives, previously called Eskimos. These playful, smart and perky dogs actually have their roots in the German Spitz breeds. But around the time this breed was being developed in the US by German Immigrants, Germans were unpopular due to WWI, but due to US expansion into the North, so called Eskimos, (Alaskan Native People), were popular, so the German breeders named this dog breed the “American Eskimo Dog”, solely to drive sales.

Rumble in the Jungle Cincinnati shirt(Rumble in the Jungle Cincinnati shirt)

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