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RIP Mike Bossy T Shirt

Symbolic capacity is what allows us to think about that which is not there, is unavailable or unsuitable. This enormously extends our mental capacity, and if anything does, distinguishes us from other mammals, at least by degree.The RIP Mike Bossy T Shirt processes mental material so as to render it suitable for symbolic linking, although it does not use it in the way the conscious mind does, and has no access to symbolic language. Harare suggests that without the ability to create fictions, our development of societies could not have occurred. Chimpanzees can only band together in groups small enough for personal contact to be maintained. Homo sapiens can band together to form the United States of America, or the Caliphate, or the Third Reich, fictions all of them.

RIP Mike Bossy T Shirt(RIP Mike Bossy T Shirt)

ike Bossy T Shirt – Teeclover

RIP Mike Bossy T Shirt – Teeclover Mike Bossy T Shirt – TeecloverTRENDING SHIRT

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