RIP Bob Saget 1956 – 2022 T Shirts

RIP Bob Saget 1956 – 2022 T Shirts

A little backstory to help you all undertand what made me study like a RIP Bob Saget 1956 – 2022 T Shirts for 3 straight months to crack a job. I have a tiny friend circle of 7 people including me. Back in 2019 we were in the last year of our engineering. At first five of us got placed. Me in Infosys, 2 of them in cognizant and 2 other in TCS. Later after 2 months the remaining two got placed in Medimint and these later ones were the first to join among us back in January 2020. The rest of my friends eventually got their joining letters and by August everyone was placed in a WFH scenario except me. When the pandemic started at first to kill boredom I would invest my time in making mandalas and Zentangles but eventually got bored to the core and wasted my whole day in playing pubg and watching series. Everything was going fine. I was chilling day i n and out. Life was good, until the season of festivities kicked in.

RIP Bob Saget 1956 – 2022 T Shirts(RIP Bob Saget 1956 – 2022 T Shirts)

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