Retired Firefighter Badge shirt tee

Retired Firefighter Badge shirt tee

It’s a feeble attempt, one that does nothing to stop Tony’s preparation for his onslaught, nor does it disable him in any way. Tony, for all purposes, could have easily ignored it and Retired Firefighter Badge shirt tee proceeded to devastate Cap. But he doesn’t. He looks down (which in itself wasn’t enough to distract him), but then proceeds to kick the injured Bucky where he lies, like some sort of feeble animal in its dying days. Only then is Cap able to, while Tony is busy kickin’ it, rush Tony and ultimately best him in battle. So what’s the reason Cap practically won his confrontation with Iron Man? It’s Tony’s egotistic, arrogant nature, without reservation. Had Tony simply not taken the time to kick Bucky, there would have been no vital distractions for Steve to prey on. And by all means, there was no need for Tony to kick a man who had lost his arm and whose best attempt at fighting was merely touching his opponent’s leg, weakly. But Tony chose to, and that’s extremely telling of his nature. Recall what Black Widow said to Tony shortly after the airport fight. To quote, she denounced him by stating, “Are you incapable of letting go of your ego for one goddamn second?”* The answer? He is. Enough that, even when he has the upper hand, Tony has to make it a point to shove that in his opponent’s face, or in this case kick it in his stomach, despite said opponent clearly posing no threat to him.  Tony is still an arrogant monster, this battle and his loss make resoundingly clear. It’s his Achilles Heel, and it shows that, for all his technological dominance, it’s true moral character that really wins the day.

Retired Firefighter Badge shirt tee(Retired Firefighter Badge shirt tee)

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