Respect Rules Book of Boba Fett T Shirt tee

Respect Rules Book of Boba Fett T Shirt tee

The Respect Rules Book of Boba Fett T Shirt tee of the Hare Krishna Maha mantra is basically how we rediscover our original relationship with God. The underlying principle is to spend time exclusively with Him, focusing on Him and nothing else. Through this, by being in His presence, our forgetfulness of Him will vanish eventually and we will remember our original, joyful, eternal nature and position. So why chanting? Because the more exclusively we give our attention to God, the more He is pleased with us, and the more effective the process is. In today’s day and age, we are unfocused, easily distracted and forgetful, which is why more complex ways of cultivating this relationship (such as worshipping the deity or performing yagya) are not practical. That’s the point, you see? It’s about focusing on what we’re doing. Which is why it is recommended that we chant aloud, albeit softly so as to not disturb anyone else- it is all too easy to lose track if you’re chanting mentally. However, as we spend time in the association of God in the form of His Name, we will gradually begin to appreciate His presence and find it easier to concentrate. At this point, we will want to continuously be in His presence, and so start to naturally continue a mental chanting even while apparently engaged in day-to-day activities! That is the eventual goal for all of us. As an example, there is a mention in the Mahabharata about Arjuna chanting Krishna’s Names even while asleep. Also Haridas Thakur, who is considered the patron saint of the process of chanting (he used to chant three hundred thousand Names every day) used to chant one third of his daily quota in his mind.

Respect Rules   Book of Boba Fett T Shirt tee(Respect Rules Book of Boba Fett T Shirt tee)

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