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I have no idea why, but I just can’t seem to get my hopes up about this 12-4 team despite great plays like Ray Rice’s fabulous run. The title have quietly strolled into the playoffs as the hottest team in the league (8 straight wins). Given how un-elite the Packers and Patriots defences are, I don’t see how anyone can pick any team ahead of New Orleans based on form. Statistically, repeating as Super Bowl champions is very, very hard. Nobody has done it for nearly 20 years. Only six teams have ever done it, and most of those were a long time ago. So the odds are against any Super Bowl champion trying to repeat these days. So most probably the answer is ‘no’.
On the other hand, the title seem reasonably well positioned. They have the seventh most available cap space of any NFL team ($29M) for the 2021 season. That is not very common for Super Bowl winners. By contrast, their opponents (the Chiefs) have the seventh least cap space (they are $18M over). Their NFC championship game opponents (the Packers) have the fourth least ($28M over). Hard to keep your best players to make a deep playoff run with that little cap room. As a bonus: the Bucs 2021 schedule looks like it will be creampuff soft; it is the fourth weakest predicted schedule in the NFL. 



Popcorn Power Comic 80s T Shirt

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Popcorn Power Comic 80s T Shirt


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