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Every letter in where La Fayette talked about his children. Especially the Let’s Go Brandon It Isn’t Japanese Just Tilt Your Head T Shirt written during the American War of Independence, when his children were still very young and Adrienne gave birth to their second child in his absence. He really, really did love his children and was, especially for his station and for the time, quite involved in their upbringing. His letters also tell us, that he was not really concerned with the gender of his children. Did he want to have a son, a male heir? Certainly. But he was happy as long as his children and his wife were all healthy. As in regard to his spelling, yes, his capitalization was sometimes wild and not only when he was exited. He also was not fixed in the way he spelled his own name, he altered capitalization and spacing just as he saw it fit – that’s what I personally find adorable. What I came to realise is the fact that his handwriting tells you in each and every letter exactly how much time he had to pen the letter. His handwriting was sometimes bad enough that even the editors from “Founders.online” commented on it in their annotations.

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