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Kingram Shirt

I’ve also read hundreds of “how-to people” books, spent time studying people in person, in their homes in dozens of different countries, and Kingram Shirt continue to study people (Quora makes this stupidly easy) as a specific special interest. I’m autistic and most people would never know because I’ve spent so much more time studying them than they’ve ever thought to study themselves, much less someone like me. Of course I do well with most of them on a casual basis. I study them like I study my slackline, yoga, language, or any other interest. I’m not perfect, but neither are they. I get tired of their groups pretty quickly, but so do lots of introverts. I get their socialization patterns in an overall abstract way at a more advanced level than they’d ever care to but this is because I have to study them in that way. I don’t think the way they do.

Kingram Shirt(Kingram Shirt)

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