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A Simons Slam Dunk King 2021 Shirt

We didn’t unschool, and I’m not opposed to using curriculum when it’s appropriate. But please, please, don’t burn out yourself and A Simons Slam Dunk King 2021 Shirt your child by making learning a job at 5 years old. If I had it to do over again, I’d stick with reading everything under the sun together, practical (grocery shopping & cooking) math, and minimal writing (lists and thank you notes, and dictated stories — not much more unless they were asking for it), until my kids were fluent readers. All the answers so far are telling you one thing — Feed the curiosity of your child with every day living.

A Simons Slam Dunk King 2021 Shirt(A Simons Slam Dunk King 2021 Shirt)

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