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John Hinckley Redemption Tour Shirt

First of all, savantism is not actually so very ‘correlated’ with autism. Half the John Hinckley Redemption Tour Shirt with savant syndrome don’t have autism at all. The othr half, their diagnosis is intellectual disability. Secondly, savant syndrome does not mean the person is ‘really smart.’ We can meet people with mild autism who are ‘really smart’, but that does not mean they have savant syndrome. Savantism involves one single skill that stands out in stark contrast to the rest of the person’s abilities. An example? One savant can quickly add large numbers in his head, but he can’t divide, multiply or subtract those numbers, and he can’t understand why a house costs more than a pencil. If you asked him what a house cost he’d say ‘about a dollar ninety eight.’ He needs a lot of supervision through the day just to stay out of danger. He has both autism and intellectual disability. His IQ is below 55. This is fairly typical. Why do people have savant syndrome? Well, due to developmental errors, they have a deficit of long connections in the brain, but the short connections – between adjacent parts o the brain  are better, even over-connected. The savant skills all involve the short connections of the brain.

John Hinckley Redemption Tour Shirt(John Hinckley Redemption Tour Shirt)

inckley Redemption Tour Shirt – Teeclover

John Hinckley Redemption Tour Shirt – Teeclover Hinckley Redemption Tour Shirt – TeecloverTRENDING SHIRT

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