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Jimin The Lab Shirt

I, too, was tested at a Jimin The Lab Shirt and got an off-the-charts score. This was mainly because my parents taught me to read early, and exposed me to all sorts of information. I was pretty smart, but a lot of it wasn’t really my native intelligence as such, but just circumstantial advantages. Most people who post super high scores as children post much more average scores later in life. And in fact, many children test as gifted if tested very young. IQ scores are of questionable value, especially for children, and a lot of harm can come from being classified as high or low IQ. None of that testing really means anything in the real world. Marilyn Vos Savant made a career out of her silly, impossible “IQ score” but does it mean anything, really? Were her advice column answers truly brilliant? I look forward to the day when we stop idolizing intelligence, especially as measured by such things as IQ scores. IMO, after a certain point, you’re smart enough, and you should shift your focus from intellectual intelligence to emotional intelligence. I’d like to see people more valued for their EQ than their IQ; I think we’d have a better world all around.

Jimin The Lab Shirt(Jimin The Lab Shirt)

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