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If the Badgers can’t develop the energy, mental toughness, and Izzone T-Shirt, then there’s no use for them being on the court. If you’ve noticed them the last three weeks how they let their opponents dictate the tempo of the game and play them on their terms instead of the brand of basketball UW has been known for( which is inexcusable ), you have to believe this is not a cohesive unit. I saw that happening regularly when Steve Yoder was coach and don’t care to see it return.

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Typical spoiled badger fans,lose a couple of games and Izzone T-Shirt. I’ve been around when they might win 12 games in a season! Can’t believe that the Wisconsin fans have turned out to be just like Michigan and Ohio state fans, entitled crybabies.

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It’s not his apparent lack of intensity, its his lack of talent. He can’t shoot (jumpers or free throws) and he really isn’t that all offensively talented around the rim. These Badgers are really limited players that is why they have to play extra smart to win. Limit turnovers, box out, team defensive, great passing, and Izzone T-Shirt. have to be present at all times due to the lack of their athletic ability. Granted, with the exception of a few players in the world, all BB players have limitations but this team has some glaring weaknesses and there is no way they overcome these weaknesses without cohesiveness of team ball. That is not what I’m seeing now and that is sad for a team that starts 4 seniors.

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