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Glenn Braggs Hall of Heroes Shirt

I gave warmth, love and affection but I was used, just like my dad. All he did was love and look at what happened to him. My Blake, she didn’t even have a Glenn Braggs Hall of Heroes Shirt to call me ‘mom’ and what happened to her? Will she come back? She wept miserably, her voice turning weak, her hands were shaking as she took my hands and pleaded, “Blake, please give me another chance. I have no sister, no mother, no father and no family. I want only you. Please come back, dear.” She wailed, my heart felt numb. I could suddenly feel my heart heavy, the whole room heated up, my eyes burning and tears couldn’t stop. All of a sudden, I felt her hand intertwined with mine, her eyelids shut, her head on my lap, as she lay unconscious.

Glenn Braggs   Hall of Heroes Shirt(Glenn Braggs Hall of Heroes Shirt)

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