Future Astronaut T Shirt – Teeclover

Future Astronaut T Shirt

then she found it “ah here it is! Merry christmas” actually I don’t remember if she said merry Christmas, but whatever!! i was sooooo pleased by that Future Astronaut T Shirt surprise, it felt like I was floating! I of course thanked her profusely and sincerely. It felt that I was cared about. And this regained my Christmas spirit. I felt that I was willing to give out gifts a bit for those who are important to me. And share the spirit. I felt more giving and happy etc. It had been a long time since Christmas had more meaning than the day you got a gift you weren’t sure you even wanted. Btw, I got chocolates tied in a pretty clear baggy of assorted tyoes from different companies! Ah wait, I did emphasize my love of food, did I? Shows how little I notice things. merry Christmas!! and all holidays have meanings. Celebrate Halloween. Yolo. You are only young once. Of course there are many good other reasons to do so.

Future Astronaut T Shirt(Future Astronaut T Shirt)

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Future Astronaut T Shirt – Teeclover

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