Funny Cute Animal _Koala Tea_ (Quality) Pun T Shirt

The problem with the Funny Cute Animal _Koala Tea_ (Quality) Pun T Shirt point is statement 1 is referring to the SCIENTIFIC theory and statement 2 is referring to the word theory in the colloquial sense. They are TWO different things with two very different meanings and no matter how much you tell them that, they still do not care becasue it “proves” their point but uses a logical fallacy to do so. Trump is doing that with his statement above. He is confusing the water table/ aquifer problems with climate change. I live in Albuquerque now but have lived all over the US. Here in Albuquerque they made these arroyos, which are these concrete water ways designed for flash flooding from the mountains during monsoon season. Well the old ones are made from concrete which push the water into basins throughout the city. The water stays in these basins where they eventually evaporate. This means the fresh water needed to replenish the aquifers are not really getting replenished becasue the water is not seeping into the ground. The same applies in areas of California but instead of putting them in basins they direct them out to the oceans, thus causing the same problems Albuquerque had.

Funny Cute Animal _Koala Tea_ (Quality) Pun T Shirt(Funny Cute Animal _Koala Tea_ (Quality) Pun T Shirt)

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