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Electric Daisy Carnival Merch Clock Shirts

Malwa : One of the Electric Daisy Carnival Merch Clock Shirts area of Punjab state. it starts from Ludhiana to Mohali and cover all the area near Haryana and Rajasthan borders. Here, Akali and Cong had a strong hold before AAP came into picture in 2014 elections. Parkash Singh badal ji , former CM is from this region and 5 time CM due to Malwa. Even Capt Amrinder Singh ji , current CM, is from this region (Patiala). So you can understand the significance of the area. whoever would like the throne of punjab should win major portio of the region. That is why all the CM comes from Malwa region. After the entry of AAP all the Akali votes went to AAP because of Beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib, shoot out to protestors and drugs racket. Bhagwat Maan tried its best to cut the votes in the region as he is also from Sangrur (malwa). He succesfully got the 22 MLA seats and 4 MP seats from the region. BJP was never active in the area they fought in about 5 to 6 seats in the malwa region with the help of Akali but they dont have voter base their. May be most BJP voters are in Anandpur Sahib, some part of Ludhiana urban(2 seats only) and Fazilka side where there are good numbers of Hindu and Akali voters. But after the split with Akali. BJP will dead sure lose all the Akali support. Akali is 100 years old party and they have passionate cadre in the region. This time that will impact a lot. yeah Farm Protest has done petrol in fire work for BJP. This is the main area where farm protest will hit the voters sentiments.

Electric Daisy Carnival Merch Clock Shirts(Electric Daisy Carnival Merch Clock Shirts)

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