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Diamond Life Women’s T Shirt

My son has autism and Diamond Life Women’s T Shirt was considered savant because of his hyperlexia (he was a fluent reader at age 3). However, when he was two, I checked out a Leapfrog Letter Factory from the library. It was a 7 day rental and I think my son watched it at least 20 times in that week. It was the first time he ever showed any interest in actually watching TV. He knew all his letters and letter sounds by the week end. Soon he was using what he had learned to read short words and then sentences. But there were a lot of things he was not doing… like watching TV, playing with toys or playing with other kids. His only interests were music and books. He continued to have amazing reading scores on standardized tests… in spite of the fact that he has problems with abstract language, mood, themes and inferences. He actually began his first Harry Potter book in first grade. But around age 13 he discovered Pokémon and suddenly hours spent reading were split with video games and Pokémon cards. Now he can tell you all things Pokémon and the history of game design, but his reading ability has leveled off (still way above average, but no longer the best in the district.) I do think there is some trade off of overall development when one has savant skills.

Diamond Life Women's T Shirt(Diamond Life Women’s T Shirt)

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