Cowgirl DDC Dallas Cowboy T Shirt

Cowgirl DDC Dallas Cowboy T Shirt

He was not going to miss a Cowgirl DDC Dallas Cowboy T Shirtto go for a ride and get a morning treat. He could be the sweetest animal ever and he was fun to have around much of the time but he was a LOT of work. After five years of this, the vet suggested medicating him to help calm him down. I was hesitant to do that but she explained he didn’t like spinning and attacking the tree. He was just very high-strung and would probably like feeling calmer. She finally convinced me to try it and it did make some difference. I refused to make the dog comatose but a small amount of medication did help him stop his neurotic behavior like spinning and biting my door.

Cowgirl DDC Dallas Cowboy T Shirt(Cowgirl DDC Dallas Cowboy T Shirt)

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