Art Thou Fr Bruh question mark T shirt

Art Thou Fr Bruh question mark T shirt

The coincidence between Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean New Year is too large to consider this a title. If you think about it, it makes no sense that China, a big powerful country, would have adopted a holiday of a people that they were ruling over as their biggest holiday. It makes even less sense that the Koreans would also accepted this holiday. If you think about it Vietnamese never ruled China, but Chinese have ruled Vietnam for more than 1000 years. I always feel like facepalming with this comment. In fact, those people celebrating Chinese New Year in Southeast Asia are ethnic Chinese people. There are large Chinese communities in southeast Asia. Again, besides the Chinese, only Vietnamese and Koreans celebrate the Chinese New Year. Next time when a Vietnamese point to you that Thai and Malaysians also celebrate Lunar New Year, kindly remind them that those are ethnic Chinese. And kindly remind them also that the majority of Singaporeans are ethnic Chinese.

Art Thou Fr Bruh question mark T shirt(Art Thou Fr Bruh question mark T shirt)

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