Arizona Coyotes team logo 2022 T shirt

The NFC South looks weak, they play a title schedule, and their ‘visiting’ divisions are the AFC East and NFC East, both of which look weak. They could be a significantly worse team in 2021 than they were in 2020 and still reasonably expect to go 12–4 or even 13–3. The only two tough games on the slate look like the Bills and Rams (the only other 2021 playoff teams on their schedule are Washington and New Orleans – who will probably be gutted in the offseason for salary cap reasons).  Plus, with the exception of TB12 and Suh, most of their core roster looks to still be in the prime of their careers, and most are signed through next season (key free agents include Godwin, Suh, Fournette and Barrett. Unless Brady’s skills deteriorate (it’s gotta happen some time…) they should be reasonably well primed for another playoff push.
2018: The title had turmoil the entire year with Rodgers having trouble with Mike McCarthy, who got fired after a bad Week 13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals after a 4–7–1 start. Other coaching changes were made, certain key players left or were traded to other teams, and the Pack finished 6–9–1 & missed the playoffs again. 2019: Rodgers is entering year 10 or 11 as a starter (year 14 total) with injuries that likely caught up to him with his body and keeping him from really being able to carry a team like he used to anymore. Rodgers utilized the run game more and the Packers defense was able to do just enough to get the Packers to the playoffs. The unfortunate part is that this time they ran into another formidable Niners team that was a terrible matchup for the Packers.

Arizona Coyotes team logo 2022 T shirt

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Arizona Coyotes team logo 2022 T shirt


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